Our Manufacturers

Since 1985, I-Flow Corporation has established a reputation in the medical and healthcare industry as an innovator in pain management and drug delivery technology.


Through product innovation and strategic acquisitions, the Company has emerged as a leader in pain management, offering highly effective therapies for physicians and their patients. ON-Q’s suite of pain management products provides reliable and simple regional anesthesia techniques that eliminate many of the side effects customarily associated with narcotics and general anesthesia. Patients who use I-Flow’s pain management products generally recover more rapidly after surgery, which results in shorter hospital stays and reduced costs.

I-Flow offers healthcare professionals an array of cost-effective drug delivery devices designed to meet the needs of today’s managed care environment in hospital and alternate site settings. The ON-Q family of products is focused on two primary market segments – Regional Anesthesia and IV Infusion Therapy.

I-Flow, now known as ON-Q with Avanos Pain Management, continues to improve clinical and economic outcomes following surgery by designing, developing and marketing technically-advanced, low-cost drug delivery systems and innovative products for post-surgical pain relief and surgical site care.