ULTI-flo® large I.D. with aspiration flush (A-F) Adapter/pigtail

  • UreSil’s Ulti-flo Locking Catheter (LBL) was designed to solve a common problem with flow dynamics in abscess drainage.
  • The internal diameter of a standard luer connection is roughly equivalent to the internal diameter of a 12F catheter. When a 14F or 16F catheter with standard luer lock is employed, the inner lumen of the luer lock creates a choke point for drainage.
  • The LBL utilizes a patented hub that maintains 14 or 16F drainage from the catheter all the way to the the drainage bag. This maximized lumen minimizes the potential for blockages.
  • Every LBL kit comes with the following: Catheter, Metal Cannula, Trocar, Flexible Cannula, Large Bore Aspiration/ Flush Adapter and Large Bore Syringe Adapter.
  • UreSil’s Ulti-flo catheters are available in 14F and 16F diameters.

Uresil Catalog

LBL2-1430HB 14F / 19 cm 5
LBL2-1630HB 16F / 20 cm 5

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