ULTI-flo® 20+ General Purpose Catheter (non-locking)

  • UreSil’s 20+ Non-Locking Catheter (LBNL) was born from the necessity to provide 20F, 24F and 28F catheters for interventional drainage. Ulti-flo catheters possess a radiopaque stripe to increase visualization during introduction and are made of a softer material that provides flexibility and comfort while dealing with large abscesses or other fluids such as pancreatic pseudocysts.
  • Every set includes the following: Catheter and Introducer that accommodates either .035″ or .038″ guidewire.

Uresil Catalog

LBNL-2050H 20 F / 41 cm 5
LBNL-2450H 24 F / 41 cm 5
LBNL-2850H 28 F / 41 cm 5

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