THORA-VENT® Thoracic Vent

  • UreSil’s flagship product, the Thora-Vent has become one of the most commonly accepted choices for physicians treating simple pneumothorax throughout the world.
  • Thora-Vent is unique in that it allows for active monitoring of the patient’s pneumothorax during treatment and provides for maximum ambulation as well.
  • Available in multiple sizes, Thora-Vent is an excellent option for the resolution of simple pneumothorax.
  • Available with an over the wire insertion option.
  • Every kit includes the following: Thora-Vent with Trocar, Aspiration Cannula, Suction Tubing Set, 60cc Syringe, Halstead Forceps, Vent Occlusion Plug, Gauze Sponges, Protected Disposable Scalpel, CSR Wrap and Fenestrated Drape.


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