Flush Adapters

Aspiration Flush Adapter with Luer Lock Connections

  • The Aspiration Flush Adapter with Luer Lock Connections was developed based upon multiple clinical requests.
  • In essence, this product replaces the flow limiting three way stop-cock with something reliable, intuitive and easy to use for patients, physicians and nurses the world over.
  • The AFA-LL can be used with any bag and any catheter commonly found in practice today.

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Aspiration Flush Adapter – Large Bore Connections

  • The AFA-LB is a duplicate of the device provided in our LBL Catheter Kits.
  • The AFA-LB allows connection of the UreSil LBL catheter to any standard drainage bag.


  • Similar to the AFA-LL but includes an additional clamp that can be used to allow flushing towards the catheter or the bag.


  • The PDC is a 36″ long length of tubing that offers a method for connecting a basic urinary drain bag or water seal device to any standard drainage catheter by utilizing a luer connection.
PDC-36 10

TCY2 Tubing

  • The TCY2 tubing is used to offer bilateral drainage to a single bag.
TCY2 5

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