TrueLok Hexapd System (TL-HEX)

The Orthofix TrueLok Hexapd System (TL-HEX) is hexapod external ring fixation system developed at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas.

The system consists of hardware and associated software for simplified deformity correction and trauma management.  TL-HEX is indicated for use in fixation of open and closed fractures, treatment of non-union pseudoarthrosis of long bones and correction of bony or soft tissue defects or deformities such as Charcot Foot and Equinus Foot.

HEX-ray is the industry's leading edge software with key features that allows for downloading of patient’s x-rays into the program for planning prior to surgery and for post surgical analysis.  The software is user friendly and enables surgeons with the ability to precisely position the rings, visualize the final bone correction and adjust the final outcomes.

Product Details

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