LRS Advanced

LRS Advanced provides surgeons with increased treatment options for patients with limb deformities and bone defects.  The innovative system design provides for the ease of application in deformity correction, joint contracture, bone transport for short segments and lengthening for bone loss.  The system is a series of modular monolateral external fixators used in reconstructive procedures for the treatment of:

  • Limb Lengthening
  • Angular deformities
  • Bone Loss
  • Non Unions
  • Open Fractures

The key features and benefits of LRS Advanced for the surgeon and patient are:

  • Ease of application and reduced surgery time
  • Enhanced stability and safety in corrections
  • Lightweight frame for increased patient comfort
  • Wide range of components
  • Highly stable constructs
  • Radiolucent
  • Clamps are reusable reducing total cost of therapy

Product Details

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