Galaxy Fixation System

The Galaxy Fixation System is designed to provide the multi-functional capabilities of an external fixator for trauma and reconstructive surgery for both upper and lower extremities.  Galaxy is the only pin to bar system that includes components for all body parts ranging from foot and ankle to pelvis, humerus and shoulder.

Galaxy features radiolucent carbon fibre rods available in three different diameters and twenty lengths along with a variety of clamps for independent screw placement.  The clamps feature Snap Lock technology for fast and easy rod and screw insertion, a fast closure metal ring which allows for pre-closure by hand without the need for a wrench and a fast locking feature for one step final tightening.  These design features allow for easy and stable connections of either a rod and a bone screw or two rods and bone screw - all in one clamp.  This reduces the number of components required helping to reduce overall costs.  In addition, unlike other competitive systems which have single use components, Galaxy clamps are reusable helping to further reduce the total therapy and healthcare costs.


Galaxy Fixation Brochure

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