Gentherm, has been a leading provider of high quality temperature management equipment for over 70 years.

The Medical Division designs warming and cooling technologies to manage patient body temperature in the operating room, recovery room, intensive care units, and other areas of hospitals and clinics.

Gentherm company provides the most complete product offering in the industry to help meet your needs for patient targeted temperature management.

Random water flow design of the Therapeutic Hyper/hypothermia blankets wraps ensures that the therapy will be constantly delivered regardless of the patient’s positioning. This high quantity, high quality coverage is not matched by any other and allows for therapy to be provided to all of the major vasculature.

The unique patented design of the FilteredFlo® convective air warming blankets permits use of a lower velocity blower to supply gently moving, clean air. The filtered air warming method minimizes air currents in the operating room environment.

Gentherm continues to collaborate with leading physicians around the world to continue developing innovative solutions for patient temperature management in the healthcare environment.

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