Clover Staples

Available in four leg and three leg versions and are designed for both four corner and STT fusions respectively. The staples are made from Nitinol, a memory alloy that is activated at body temperature and provides continuous centralized compression across the fusion site.  Clover Staples are low profile (1 mm) and require minimal bone resection while minimizing impingement in flexion and extension.  The open design of the Clover Staple allows for confirmation of apposition via x-ray.  Indications for use of the Clover Staple are - localized wrist arthritis, SLAC Wrist, SLIL with DISI deformity, severe intra-articular fractures with cartilage loss, SNAC Wrist, and SMAC Wrist.  The following is a link to procedure video showing the surgical technique - http://bioproimplants.com/4-corner-fusion

Clover Staple Brochure

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